SDCC2014 – Interview w/Sophie & Her Nerd HQ Panel


I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves

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Jul 26 [Day 3]: TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites Panel with Gwendoline

Jul 26 [Day 3]: Boxtrolls Panel w/Isaac

Jul 26 [Day 3]: EW’s Women Who Kick Ass Panel w/Maisie & Natalie

Jul 26 [Day 3]: Microsoft VIP Lounge w/Sophie

Jul 26 [Day 3]: Samsung Galaxy VIP Lounge w/Sophie

Jul 26 [Day 3]: Portrait Studio Powered by Samsung Galaxy w/Sophie

Jul 26 [Day 3]: Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Celebration

Plus more: Jul 24 – 26: Twitter/Instagram Photos

Gallery Update: Saturday SDCC2014 Events Click the gallery below: Jul 26 : TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites Panel with Gwendoline Jul 26 : Boxtrolls Panel w/Isaac…

GOT at Comic-Con: Your Complete Itinerary

GOT at Comic-Con: Your Complete Itinerary

‘Game of Thrones’ is back at Comic-Con and as in past years, the show’s cast and creative minds will be in attendance. Fans will be able to interact with their favorite actors, climb the Wall (via the Oculous Rift experience) and even raise a glass of GOT-inspired ale. Can’t make it to San Diego? Follow @GameOfThroneson Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates and check back throughout the week for…

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I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

Khal Drogo could be cruel as well, and there was never a man more dangerous. She had come to love him all the same.”

I love playing Brienne of Tarth because, when I was growing up, I didn’t really see people on television that I felt that I could identify with. Women all looked kind of a particular way, women characters that were popular, anyway. And when I had the opportunity to play this part, it made me explore the parts of myself I had hidden from. I had very long hair. I wanted to look very feminine, really tall. (x)


I really don’t think GRRM gets the point of animated GIFs. And Kit struggled with this assignment too.

SDCC2014 – Drones Invadge GOT Cast on the TV Guide Yacht!


Another Me Official Trailer